Rare Breeds

Bull Dog and Irish Setter

The "BullSetter"

It had to have taken an inordinate amount of research among the movers and shakers of the dog world to come up with the idea that the Bulldog and Irish Setter would result in such a unique, unprecedented radically distinctive uncommon final appearance. In retrospect, though, common sense would tell one that it would be an unusual outcome. Wanted, needed, desired, accepted, useful and sought after, though, might present a more difficult standard of approval.

When the fun loving, playful and affectionate personality of the Irish Setter and the Bulldog (usually wrongly portrayed in the media as angry, aggressive dogs in a spiked collar, waiting for an unsuspecting and fragile animal to come along that they can easily bully) are combined, the reality of the mix is quite different than that which is expected.

DO NOT expect this breed to cavort about the open fields and lively chase prey. Pure bred Setters.... maybe so. But not this breed. The Bulldogs natural tendency is to just go lay down on the sofa, snore, snort, snuffle, wheese, grunt, slobber, drool, sleep, and produce copious amounts of natural gasses. Tendencies that are endearing to one, might be somewhat disgusting to others. Getting along with cats is not permitted. EVER!

The high cost of the BullSetter should always be considered, along with the fact they may bring along a considerable number of health problems. (Which will, of course, ensure your veterinarian continues to live comfortably). Of course, as soon as even larger numbers of knowledgeable breeders become interested, they will help to expertly guide the breed to a prominent position of acceptance.

It becomes really interesting when the natural traits of the Setter, whose mischievous, playful, eager to exercise nature decides to go hunting. It's tendency is to jump up off the couch and expend great amounts of energy romping through the open fields and meadows.... None of which is of any interest to the Bulldog.

- J. Satterwhite -