Rare Breeds

Bulldog and ShihTzu

The "BullShihTzu"

As a result of a brief and imagined sighting, I have been able to recreate what this exotic and extremely unusual breeds appearance apparantly appears to appear as.

Once thought to be an extinct breed, it is now known that because of the breeds overwhelming beauty and desirability, a small, very elite group of owners and canine geneticists have in fact intentionally avoided any distribution of images to the world at large. One look, a brief glance, of this breathtaking beauty would, it is feared, result in an intense desire to have one. Of course, it wouldn't be "rare" if everyone had one.

I wouldn’t try to BullShitzu, the fabled Bulldog and Shihtzu mixed breed certainly fascinated me, so I have created an image of the elusive “BullShiTz".

Now, I’m aware that some Bulldog owners might think this is a “Girlie Dog” sporting a bit too much "foo foo", and dismiss the breed with some contempt; while the Shih Tzu owners might think that the BullShiTz breed is a bit, well, hard to look at. But as with all the different ways that breeders continue to push the boundries of genetics, this particular breed would be a viable alternative to any normal standardized standards of standardization. Would the term “mix and match” apply? Certainly such a beauty couldn't be accidental, could it?

- J. Satterwhite -