The "TerriBull"

Terrier & BullDog

Distinctly Different

This is a case of two very different personalities (not to mention physical features) having to reside in the same mental space. This can result in the Terrier side occasionally displaying their displeasure, much as humans occasionally do in similar circumstances.

The Terrier breed, being of hunting ancestry, just cannot fathom why their other “BullDog” half doesn’t seem to care much for doing anything other than eating, sleeping, grunting, and snorting, then eating again.

The Terrier likes a little spark, a little “action” in his day. But that’s just not going to happen with the good natured laid back style of the Bulldog, who would never think of expending the energy to chase a cat, a car, or dig a hole just for the fun of it.

This mix of traits ends up with a very alert, eyes wide open dog who is always thinking, but is just to lazy too follow up on thoughts about actually doing something.

- J. Satterwhite -