(An Extremely Courteous Canine)

Afghan Hound & Bulldog

Affable (Aff-uh-bull)

1 ) being pleasant and at ease in barking at others

2 ) characterized by ease and friendliness

3) Gracious; mild

As in "The AfaBull was very affable."

The AfaBull's acceptance as a sought after pet and companion dog is absolutely certain. There has never been a breed so amiable, amicable, approachable, benevolent, benign, breezy, civil, clubby, congenial, cordial, courteous, genial, gentle, good-humored, good-natured, gracious, kindly, mild, obliging, pleasant, polite, sociable, urbane, or as warm as is this facinating extraordinary example.

The Afghan Hound, well known for it's superior footwork when on a good run, can reverse direction in an instant, moving with the grace and elegance of a feline. Of course, the combination of short legs, barrel chest and heavily muscled "weight lifters" body of the Bulldog will result in a bit more of a lumbering gait with a (slight) loss of agility and speed.

Owners of the Bulldog breed see them as the absolute pinnacle of beauty, while (many?) others might differ with that view.

But all will agree that the Afghan Hound has a look of glamor, boasting of a loveliness that is exquisite in it's elegance, charm and allure. (One could put that head on a stump wrapped in barbed wire and people would still want to take it home and adore it)

Many would find the daily care of an Afghan Hound to be somewhat trying. But when one begins to actually fluff up the AfaBull, the height challenged short haired combination actually requires much less time to properly groom than one would expect, given it's obvious sleek and streamlined beauty.

When a "normal" Afghan curled up in ones lap, they could take up a lot of room, spilling out all over. With the AfaBull, at half the size, it's no problem: size wise, he/she easily fits on a lap.

Keep in mind, though, that although the height of the AfaBull may well be less than that of it's "traditional" cannine relatives, the weight of this very untraditional example remains considerable. Although a pound of lead and a pound of feathers may well be equal, the pound of lead sure feels heavier....I think.

-A fair trade of traditional traits-

- J. Satterwhite -