Pekingese & Lhasa Apso breed standards...

(A very Abstract breed, indeed...)

Accidental work of Art or abstractionist composition...? Leave your female Lhaso Apso alone with a male Pekingese for too long a time and you'll find nature taking it's natural course: without remorse, of course.

Add some of the modern genetic principles of heredity and variation in organisms and the skilled breeders are able to reproduce the specific sought after qualities and characteristics desired as the breed stabilizes.

The PekeAso breeding program is truly a blend of science and art, and the recipients of the resulting progeny are fiercely loyal to the breed.

Not suprisingly, collectors of the "Art of Picasso" also seek to collect a "PekeAso". Makes sense in an abstract sort of way. Beauty at any cost.

Can't find your PekAso? Make sure they aren't standing in front of your Picasso Art.

- J. Satterwhite -