Odd unusual results of search for diversity in canine genetics.

THIS... is the result of genetic engineering for the fun of it.

Yep, that's what started all of this. I'd heard of Doodles, and Cockapoos, and other strange dog breed names. I knew there had to be more than just "cutesy" to the story. I wanted, as famed radio host Paul Harvey sez', "The rest of the story".

There are sure to be a number of individuals who, on viewing this unusual specialized collection of new age dogs and other canines, might maybe possibly conceivably potentially have an initial response corresponding to that of being there when the stewardess begins screaming, the game winning pass is fumbled, or the hard drive really did eat your PhD Thesis as your printer began smoking.

A few other dog lovers (those with a sense of humor) might get a grin out of all of this, which is precisely the intention. I know I laughed many times throughout the developement of the series.

I'm getting a bit worried though. I've begun having strange thoughts about cats. I wonder... is therapy in order?

Maybe...most likely, I'd be the last to know.

The Likeable "AfaBull"
Afghan Hound
and Bulldog
Always "AnOyed"
Anatolian Shepherd
and Samoyd
Son of a BichonSetter
Bichon Frise
and Irish Setter
Another "BlaBrador"
Bloodhound and
Golden Labrador
The Art of "PekAso"
Pekingese and
Lhasa Apso
"Such a BullSetter"
BullDog and
Irish Setter
I wouldn't BullShihtzu
BullDog and
and a Deer
Doberman Pincher
and a Poodle
Terrier and Bulldog mixed breed.
and Bulldog
Beware the Wolf
...in Sheeps Clothing.