This digital painting features Dean Curfman, master Blacksmith and metal sculptor, from a photo taken at the 2007 North Carolina ABANA meeting.

Well know in the Blacksmith community, Dean is the owner of Oak Hill Iron Works, and is a leader in the advancement of iron working not only through his great skills and his sharing of an expansive knowledge of forging hot iron, but in the development of the "Big Blu Hammer", a tool that is helping to revolutionize the industry.

This type of portraiture is also becoming affordable, due to it's creation being completed entirely on the computer. Blending the traditional skills of a fine artist with very specialized imaging software, this style of digital oil painting bears an uncanny resemblance to very expensive oil paintings. Since the material cost, and the amount of time required to complete such works of art is less, the cost to you is.... less.

Send us (contact) your photo and we will provide an estimate. Each work comes with a completed fine art print measuring 8x10 inches, and you can order additional prints in any size you want up to 36 inches in width. All reproductions are Giclee archival prints. We can even provide a CD to enable one to go to their local photo store to print as many copies as they want, and include an image optimized for sending as an email attachment.

Dean Curfman - Blacksmith Artist, Oak Hill Iron Works