Photo Illustrations
Turn your photos into a Personal Poster

This image was created for pilot Greg Bolton. The Mooney M20F pictured here is the favorite of Gregs two aircraft.

In this particular illustration, the background is of Dalton 3DA Airport, in Flushing, Michigan. The photos of Greg, in the cockpit, and the Mooney, were shot on the tarmac in front of the hanger.

Then, the studio work began. The aerial shot of the airport didn't have enough of the skyline to allow for the placement of the images to be added, so we built in more sky. Then we tackled the pilots image. In the original photo, the color balance was red shifted, and the poor lighting made for a bad photo. (Your basic point and shoot snapshot.) Image was corrected, then dropped into the background.

The aircraft was placed, the landing gear removed, and the prop had better be turning if one is in flight so the prop motion blur was created. The chrome prop cone was enhanced and sharpened. Also, the paint on the engine cowling was missing, so we corrected that.

Lastly, insert the information content, and you have a personal poster that is unique and... Personal.

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