Dragon with Sword
Acrylic on Canvas - 16" x 20

This work was painted while I lived near Diamond Head, in Waikiki Beach. It is pure fantasy and science fiction of a make believe world of legend. I came across some old pencil sketches of the character from years before, (from an unfinished project), and decided to put it to canvas. (To see another variation of this dragon), Click Here.

The cliffs in the background have skull faces in the shadows, and there are even faces within the rocks below. The rocks, stacked one on top of another, were from pictures I had taken on the west side of Maui.There is a place in the mountains that has very open spaces and grassy vistas, devoid of trees, where the tourists and locals alike have placed rocks and stones of all shapes and colors in ritualistic appearing formations.

My wife, of course, had to build her own, with stones for us and our daughter. I suppose they are still there, unless someone used them for their own artistic statement.

On the way back to Lahaina, we stopped at a shaved ice stand on the side of the road. My curiosity got the better of me, and I asked the old Hawaiian woman there if the stacking of the stones was part of an old Hawaiian religious ritual.

She laughed, and said; "Oh, long time before, one (person) make pile stone, all do. "Monkey see, monkey do". I'd asked others in the years prior to that day, but that was the best (and probably the most honest), explaination I'd ever heard.

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