Flaming Skulls
Watercolor - 11" x 14

There's a lot more than just your standard screaming, burning, flaming skulls here. As is the case with much of the artists odd art, this diabolically fiendish hellborn cluster of cranial devils spawn will haunt some well into their nightmarish dreams....or maybe not.

Actually, they all seem to be laughing and having a great time in this image. As the viewer inspects the painting more closely, more and more subliminal little figments of the demagination begin to appear more apparent...apparently.

Serpents and demonic faces, woven through the abstract, flowing, (meaningless) fluidic flood of liquid like lava colors, melting and melding through the smooth textures created by the flowing controlled sumi like strokes washing the paper with the long soft bristled brushes as the watercolor style itself takes over the creative process.

Summery: Actually it's a pretty meaningless watercolor doodling and a totally unplanned painting. Like a political statement, it attempts to make something that is meaningless appear meaningful, meaning the minding of many manifistations of misleading content conceal any real worthwhile attempt to summerize......(Whatever that means).

Fine Art Giclee Prints
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