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Personal Poster - Nick Caesar
Nothing portrays ones abilities, a moment in time, or a special event, better than a personal poster.

On this particular poster, a 20 x 30 inch illustration, I actually worked from photographs sent via email. Although I would prefer to begin with high quality images, in this case the photos sent were of low resolution point and shoot snapshots, with poor lighting and hand held conditions. (Photo taken from the floor of the theatre to center stage would be difficult even with professional lighting). This, of course, presented a challange that I couldn't resist.

As there was no way to recreate and reshoot each particular scene, I decided to digitally paint the the weak areas in the four photos before composing them into the final image shown here. They also required extensive color correction and manipulating the highlights and shadow areas for clarity, while increasing the image resolution (from 72 dpi and only four by six inches in size) to enable a crisp, clear final print.