Cat and Feline Art
Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"San Diego Tom Cat, Orange Tabby
Orange tabby, alley cat, stray...???

He was a bit of all of these, but this guy was one thing for sure; street smart and a pure survivor. He would tolerate humans, and took all they offered, but managed to go his own way at all times. Some days he would come limping in with fur balls hanging off him, (wonder what the "other guy" looked like), but most of the time he strutted like he owned the world.

Big and bold...This beautiful orange tabby (sort of) belonged to a neighbor of mine in San Diego, Ca. He prowled the canyons behind our apartment (just south of Balboa Park) and managed to avoid being eaten by all the coyotes, wild cats, dogs and feral humans that lived in the inaccessable hills and canyons. He stayed fat and sassy from all the food stops in the neighborhood, and usually hit my balcony at breakfast for a snack of sausage.

When the bacon and sausage were gone, so was he; which is the way we both liked it.

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