Green - The Greyhound
16" x 24" Oil on Canvas
Green Dog, (no one knows why he was named Green), is a rescued Greyhound racing hound that was taken in by my brother and his wife, and his main goal in his dogs life is to... relax and just be retired.

This greyhound, and all others of the same breed our family has come in contact with, has the best temperament one could ask for in a pet.

Easy tempered and tolerant, he'll go bellies up when relaxing on his couch, and has been an endless source of laughter as he puts up with all of us when we wrap him in blankets, hang our shoes off his feet, or put a pair of sunglasses on him. He gets a lot of attention, and always revels in it.

Although a bit heavier now, (it's been a while since anyone has seen his ribs) he will pick up his metal food bowl and drop it again and again until you remember that it's time for dinner. Anything goes for him... as long as you don't forget meal times.