Bloodhound & Labrador

The Blabrador is a unique combination of the Bloodhound and the Labrador Retriever.

Here is a example of taking two breeds of working dogs and reinforcing some of their strongest traits. (Of course, a couple of the less desirable traits may possibly occasionally rarely infrequently from time to time, every now and then, once in a while, make an appearance).

The Bloodhound is known world wide as one of the greatest trackers of all time. Their nose knows of no other nostrils nearing their normal natural ability to track the scent that their snouts smeller sniffs. Without guidance they sometimes try to follow more than one scent at once. Don't bother to try to give the Bloodhound orders. They have a mind of their own, and pretty much do as they want, which is to smell, track and smell some more. (They also have a tendency to howl, snore and drool a bit. Okay, a lot).

The Labradors are known as exceptional gun dogs. (No, they don't carry your guns, but I suppose you could strap one on).

Ideal in temperament, they posses an outgoing, tractable disposition, making an ideal pet for a family, and are often used as companion and assistance dogs. A side benefit is their ability to function as a garbage disposal, although the bypassing of natural gasses are problematic to some.

(When the bark IS worse than the bite)
Bloodhound & Labrador Retriever

  Now, when they are combined into one wonderful package, the beautiful Blabrador is the result. And as one can guess, a powerful hunter tracker is born. As the name implies, though, the Blabrador is sort of a, well, loud boisterous voiced blabberer. With the large mouth cavity of the Bloodhound, this breed can bark the bark off trees.
But don't let that deter you from acquiring one of these unusual rare breeds. You'd be surprised at how quickly your neighbors will quit complaining once they become better acquainted with your new blabber mouthed companion. (And they can always turn off their cochlear implants.)

- J. Satterwhite -