"Mama, don't let your Cocker's grow up to be Bloodhounds....."

Okay, that's a slight misquote of a Willie Nelson song, although it sure fits here. And in this case it could be viewed as a "happy little accident". Or... it could be seen as the equivalent of your favorite daughter coming home at 4 a.m. on the back of a Harley Davidson rat bike. So much of life is all in how you look at it.

The combining of these two breeds distinctly different traits has produced what is sure to be the beginning of a long line of show dogs that will be much in demand.

The Bloodhounds best known trait is his ability to smell good. That ability is, of course, a bit off set by the fact that he also doesn't smell good. (Known to posess a bit of a "houndy" odor only intensified by his absolute refusal to be bathed by any means other than force.)

A bloodhound must not be allowed to roam freely. When he picks up an interesting scent, he will pursue and track it over a distance of several counties. When he's working, nothing else matters. (You can see the results here.)

The Cocker Spaniel, however, has long captured hearts with it's beauty, a demure disposition, and long history as a much sought after companion and family pet.

16x20 Oil on Canvas (Cocker Spaniel and Bloodhound)
Cocker Spaniel bloodhound

The Cocker has often been described as sweet, loyal, cheerful, playful, trustworthy, easily trained, and adaptable. (It looks like naive and gullible could be added to the list.)

The melding of the disparate traits makes for very interesting behaviors. The bloodhound slobbers and suffers from an occasional leaking of toxic methane fumes from an unnamed oriface. The cocker is always well groomed and carries the subtle scent of a fine perfume. If a person isn't forewarned of this breeds somewhat unique appearance, and their first view is from behind...

....all they see is the long, flowing, golden maned and well formed body of a show girl. They typically gasp and struggle to regain their composure on first view of the facial features, and often go to great lengths to assure the owner of their pets unusual beauty.

At a bit over 100 pounds and oh, thirty or so inches in height, one must be careful not to try to bully this girl though. She does tend to be a bit more independent than one might expect. And never, ever, let her stare into a mirror for too long.