Scottish Deerhound and Deer

The Scottish Deerhound is a gentle giant, and is possessed of a regal stature and a noble bearing.

The Scottish Deerhound was bred in Scotland as a deer hunting dog. Only the nobility was permitted to own one, and they became known as the royal dog of Scotland.

After near extinction the breed was revived in the early 1800's, and flourished through today. Classified as a sight hound, the Scottish Deerhounds talents lie in hunting, sighting, tracking, racing, and agility.

Their relationship with deer has always been clearly defined. Hunt, run down, and give to the human hunter. Until now.

No one knows when the relationship went just a bit too far. Some guess that the deerhound ran a deer down, but upon the end of a hunt, he was so tired that he lay down with the doe. That led to an unfamiliar familiarity.

(When a hunter and it's prey get along too well)

This Deerhound can be kept indoors, but likes if best outside. Owners must always be aware of their tendency to have trouble walking through a doorway, and the food bowl must always be placed in the center of the room.
They also have a tendency to heavily mark their territory, so unless you're used to the man of the house wearing buck scent on his hunting gear, be prepared to buy carpet freshener by the truck load.

- J. Satterwhite -