Although digital painting isn't done with oil paints, it's appearance is remarkably similar. This art isn't done with the push of a button or other short cut digital trickery, but is created brush stroke by brush stroke in the same style used when painted in the traditional methods.

I began using the computer to do basic compositions and color layouts for client approval before committing to canvas or paper. Years of evolution of technique led to a look and style that stands on it's own merits.

We can work from your photos, not only to create similar art prints, but we can actually imprint the art on t-shirts, drinking mugs, and other collectible items. Ask us How


Finished Illustration

Detail (Note the brush strokes)
Uri Hofi Blacksmith Big Blu Hammer Ashlee in Blue Digital Painting - Portrait Dave Adrian Portrait Norb Budzinski - Pilot SR-71 Blackbird Fred Carmody SR-71 Blackbird Seagraves - SR-71 Blackbird Reunion 2005 3 Blackbirds