Strange stuff, this is... but ones choice of paintings reflect where they live at the time.

Living in Hawaii and Southern California for so many years led to some odd, unusual, bizarre, comic, strange, and surreal artistic compositions.

The images displayed are often described as lowbrow art... prints and paintings of fantasy art inspired by surrealist, psychedelic visions of the mental kind..

These sideshow kind of creepy, eerie, and shocking curiosities, outsider art though it might be, continues to fascinate the viewer. And most importantly, it's fun for the artist to do.

Painful Piercing Skeletal Surfer Celtic Flamingo, Phiranha, Panther, Woman Jim Roy Island Girl, Hawaii, Hawaiian Pirate, Skulls, Warships, Panther, Dragons, Fantasy Art Flaming Skulls
Grimace Face Skull and Surfer, Hawaii Style Shaw Skull _ Flames and Face Skull, Wizard and Flaming Eyes Skull, flaming, fantasy, dragons, fire Red Skull Dragon, Fantasy

Tattoo T-Shirt

Has 13 language translations and English slang too! Doesn't get much stranger-er than this.

Wear this around the world and people will know what you're into.

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