-Pet Portraiture and Animal Art-

Working from photos, the artist can create an original work of art in the traditional fine art mediums of oils, watercolors, acrylics or pencil.

Prices start in the $50 price range for pencil drawings in the smaller sizes, to photo realistic oil paintings in the $300 and up range. All pricing is, of course, dependent on many factors such as medium (oils, watercolor, etc.), size of finished image, amount of detail (style), whether it's to be done on canvas, paper, hardboard, etc.

We communicate with you at regular intervals as the art progresses, and welcome your approval at the major stages of it's creation.

For those who desire original art but not at the higher price ranges, there is an affordable alternative. Working as a commercial illustrator required a knowledge of digital imaging, and the artist began doing some basic compositions and layouts of his paintings using the computer.

Years of refining technique resulted in a unique look and style of digital painting that began to closely resemble the fine art he creates using traditional mediums. Clients began to acquire the digital paintings as finished

works, which was, of course, less time and material cost to the artist, resulting in a great reduction in cost to the client.

For those who want the look of an oil painting but don't want to enter the high cost arena of fine art, this could well be something to consider. Submit your photo and we can quickly provide an estimate.

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